What is All Things RSS?

Since this is the first post on All Things RSS, I guess it’s best to spell out the intentions I have for the site. I want ATR to be a great place for:

  • Discovering new or novel ways of using RSS
  • Covering both personal and enterprise RSS use
  • News on RSS-centric software, services, applications and tools
  • Tips and techniques on getting the most and relevant useful information out of RSS feeds

I’ve been interested in RSS personally and professionally for many years and have been the maintainer of the free, open-source rss2email project for quite some time. Even now, years after RSS has gone mainstream, people are still cooking up new and better ways to produce, synthesize and receive information through RSS. My goal with All Things RSS is to motivate me to keep up with new developments and trends around RSS and use the site as a place to collect, report, analyze and explain.

In my day-job life, I always have to wear two hats: one technical, one not.  I’d like to continue that pattern here by occasionally stepping back from the buzzwords to give less-technical explanations of why this or that aspect of RSS is cool and why it’s useful to you. RSS can be fun if you know your Perl, Python or PHP but there are plenty of great ways to make information delivery easier for the folks who don’t want or need to know the gory details.

So that’s it: a quick summary of what I hope to use the site for. Welcome aboard and we’ll see what happens next.

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