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If you sometimes miss your favorite TV shows because you forget when they air, mytvrss has a novel and easy-to-use solution. You simply check the boxes for any shows you want reminders for and it creates a custom RSS feed for you. Then add it your feed reader and you’ll get an update the day [...]

What is RSS?

What is RSS exactly? Maybe this question has been answered satisfactorily before now, but I’m going to give it a try as well. As I said before, I want to occasionally write posts that explain things in non technical, why-is-this-useful-to-me terms. So it makes sense that the first one of these (tagged “non-techy“) is about [...]

What is All Things RSS?

Since this is the first post on All Things RSS, I guess it’s best to spell out the intentions I have for the site. I want ATR to be a great place for: Discovering new or novel ways of using RSS Covering both personal and enterprise RSS use News on RSS-centric software, services, applications and [...]

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