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Following Facebook in your RSS Reader

Jamie Zawinski (most commonly known as jwz) has written up a nice article on how to follow Facebook in an RSS reader. If you’re wondering why it takes 4 separate feeds to monitor Facebook, it’s because Facebook really doesn’t want to make it to easy on you. They’d much rather you spend your time logged [...]

Automatically Twitter New Posts with Google FeedBurner

For several years FeedBurner has been an important and widely-used tool for RSS feed publishers to track and analyze who’s following them and reading their weblog or other content published over RSS. Owned by Google since mid-2007, FeedBurner has slowly been integrated into Google’s larger basket of services such as allowing you to easily include [...]

Top 10 RSS & Syndication Technologies of 2009

Getting a jump on the end-of-year-best-list season, Marshall Kirkpatrick of the the highly plugged in crew at ReadWriteWeb has posted their Top 10 RSS & Syndication Technologies of 2009. I agree with their opening point that the “web isn’t about pages any more. Now it’s about streams, feeds and syndication” and their choices really reflect [...]

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