Following Bands and Album Releases Through RSS

So now we’ve completed the trifecta. First we told you how to use RSS to track TV episodes with mytvrss. Next was following book releases by author or publisher in RSS with Author Alerts.

Now we round things out with three ways to follow album releases and live music events in your area. The first is Tourfilter, which I’ve used for many years. With an elegantly simple site design that is reminiscent of Craig’s List, Tourfilter lets you browse by city, artist or venue. To follow anything from Tourfilter, look for the RSS link or little orange RSS icon, which is sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom of each page.

Second is Bandsintown, which has a more flashy, graphic-intensive design than Tourfilter. As before, it has browse by artist and by venue, but doesn’t seem to have an RSS feed for all shows in a given city. It does provide a sort of tagcloud of upcoming shows, but I didn’t find a way to make use of that through RSS. On the other hand, Bandsintown does create an RSS feed for any show that you say you will or might go to. When looking at the page for specific event, click the I’m Going or Maybe button and it will add it to your calendar. Then find the link to it on your profile page under Upcoming Shows on the top right. Bandsintown will also use your and Pandora to kickstart its recommendations for shows you might like. Recommendations will also appear in your profile’s feed.

Finally we offer Roadie, which tracks album releases rather than live show dates. With a logo that is remarkably similar to Bandsintown’s, Roadie also supports importing your favorite bands from Once you’ve made a list of artists, there’s a big orange RSS button with the feed address for your use.

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