Archive for January, 2010

DailyLit: Read Books by RSS

DailyLit is an interesting website that will send you small segments of a book once a day via RSS or email. The chunks are pretty short and it will probably only take a few minutes to read each one. If making time for reading books a priority, this might be a way to make an [...]

Following Bands and Album Releases Through RSS

So now we’ve completed the trifecta. First we told you how to use RSS to track TV episodes with mytvrss. Next was following book releases by author or publisher in RSS with Author Alerts. Now we round things out with three ways to follow album releases and live music events in your area. The first [...]

Author Alerts: New Releases Through RSS

One of the things I really love about RSS is that it’s a great way to keep track of news up to the minute. Looking at the CNN recent stories feed, there is barely 2 hours separating the the first and last of the 20 stories in the feed. But what RSS is even better [...]

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