Tracking Dropbox Updates

Dropbox is a popular solution for syncing your files across all of your PCs and even your smartphone. It’s useful for both personal and business purposes and you can even use it for free with up to 2GB of storage.

One common use of Dropbox is securely sharing files with others using simple web links. Rather than email that 12MB presentation to 3 separate people, you just send the Dropbox link.

A little known feature is that Dropbox provides a RSS link to the list of changes (adding, removing, etc.) you make. If you are using Dropbox to share project files with a team, if they simply subscribe to the RSS feed no extra notification is needed. They can pull the files from Dropbox directly from their feed reader.

Click on the Events tab, as shown below.

The RSS feed icon is down at the bottom. Notice that the default is to list ALL events for the entire account. If you’re sharing this with others, you may want to create a new folder and explicitly share it. Then its name will also appear in the list on the left hand side on the main Dropbox entry. Click that and then the RSS link will only include events pertaining to that folder.

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