This site is was created by Lindsey Smith. All Things RSS (ATR) aspires to be a great place for:

  • Discovering new or novel ways of using RSS
  • News on RSS-centric software, services, applications and tools
  • Tips and techniques on getting the most and relevant useful information out of RSS feed

I’ve been interested in RSS personally and professionally for many years and have been the maintainer of the free, open-source rss2email project for quite some time. Even now, years after RSS has gone mainstream, people are still cooking up new and better ways to produce, synthesize and receive information through RSS. My goal with All Things RSS is to motivate me to keep up with new developments and trends around RSS and use the site as a place to collect, report, analyze and explain.

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  1. Robert Hilley says:

    Will the rss2email script allow me to setup something like the feedmyinbox.com service?

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